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Bloodborne hunter with laterns

May the good blood guide your way to the digital sanctuary of isbloodborneonpc.com! Have you found the echoes of an announcement, a whisper of Bloodborne's journey to the PC cosmos, or just wish to share your tales from the Hunt? We welcome it all.

Connect with us through our official email: isbloodborneonpc@gmail.com. As we stand watch amidst the whispers and rumors, remember that your echoes are crucial. They add to the melody of our vigil, the song of hopeful Hunters.

However, we ask for your patience, good Hunter. Due to the volume of whispers we receive, it might take us some time to respond. But fear not! Every echo is heard, every tale cherished. Your communication is the blood that fuels our watch.

May you find your worth in the waking world, and remember, a Hunter is never alone. Let us traverse this path together, awaiting the dawn of the fated day when Bloodborne ascends to the PC realm.

Until then, carry on with the Hunt. The night is long, and there are beasts aplenty.